In a way it’s kind of funny to see what is happening to my readers. Because I’m aware of the fact that you don’t really like some of what I post because so much is proTrump.

Well,what you don’t realize is these are the postings of a very lonely old man. If you check you’ll see I’ve NEVER solicited for money. You’re not hurting me financially. If anything you’re trying to make my life more lonely. But when it’s already at ZERO how can you make it any less?

You don’t understand why I called my site what I did. I’m shouting from the roof to anyone who will listen. Because I have no one who does listen to me in my family. I’m calling out to anyone who MAY be passing by.

You don’t like what I post? Okay. You’re probably not the only ones. But I’m not going to be cowed into accepting what you might say either. I’m too old, alone, and stubborn. I’m a Vietnam veteran, and proud of it. I refuse to surrender what I believe just because YOU don’t like it.

If a little old man like me can frighten you so much, so easily, then you are a smaller, petty operation than people truly realize. You’re afraid of open discourse. Yet THAT is the VERY thing that makes us stronger and better.

Go ahead shut me down. Show me how “BIG” and POWERFUL you really are. Squash this little bug. Who will ever notice? It’s funny that you are that afraid of ME! Afraid of my thoughts. Afraid of what I might post.


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